One of the favored methods to recruit young Muslims in Europe to the Global Jihad is by showing footages of atrocities committed by the infidels in the Muslim world – civilian killed by air strikes, torture of Muslim prisoners, Abu Ghraib style, crippled children from ISRAELI/U.S.A/NATO shelling etc…

Although terrible atrocities really were carried out in the war against terror and no doubt that some of them could be avoided, those actions are tiny portion of the conventional routine of Muslims toward their fellow Muslims.   

After the Soviets left Afghanistan in 1989 the country plunged to a bloody civil war where everybody fought everybody and all were “good Muslims’. The Afghan civil war ignored completely human rights of any sort. Shelling of crowded markets, torture and elimination of prisoners of war and butchering of rival populations were a regular custom.  There are no certain numbers about the hundreds of thousands killed, most of them innocent civilians, in Afghanistan in those years, but there is an estimate that about 2.5 millions fled to Pakistan and became refugees.

The Civil war in Algeria in the 90s’ claimed the life of between 160,000 – 200,000.  One of the phenomena of the war was the night raids of Islamic groups on villages that were suspected as cooperating with the government and indiscriminate slaughter, with knifes, of as much as possible of the population, including children and women. 

Since The 9/11 about 15,000 non Muslims were killed by Islamic terror attacks or fighting the Islamic Global Jihad. More then 450,000 Muslims were killed by their fellow Muslims in Darfur, Somalia, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan and elsewhere in the Muslim world.

The suicide bomber, described as the weapon of the weak Muslim against the powerful Western Christian countries is used, in fact, against the innocents and helpless of the Muslim World.

It is true that Western allies are not angels and behave like all armies behave in war zones at war times, but 95% of the atrocities committed against Muslims are carried out by their fellow Muslims from the Nation of Islam.


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