Since the takeover of Gaza Strip by the Hamas, in 06/2007, the Hamas abstain from shelling Israel villages or military posts along the Gaza borders. At the same time, Hamas does not prevent the PALESTINIAN Islamic Jihad – PIJ or other factions in Gaza from shelling, almost daily, Israeli civilian targets around   Gaza Strip.

Israel is responding with pinpoint target killings of terror activists and with frequent incursions to Gaza, emphasizes that despite the preparations and the trainings by Iran or Hizbullah experts, the Hamas security forces are no match for the IDF and are not able to inflict casualties on the Israelis.

The Hamas strategy is a reversal of Yasser Arafat and Fatah strategy. Yasser Arafat was indifferent to the welfare of the Palestinian society, to efficient administration, to judicial system or economic development. All the Fatah leadership was shaped outside the Palestinian territories and in a constant struggle with Israel, not by building or caring about Palestinian society.  On the contrary – the Palestinian suffering was prime weapon to undermine Israel ‘s legitimacy. All the Fatah leaders are very experienced in blaming Israel whatever the problems in the Palestinian society are. The Palestinian Authority under the Fatah leadership was an assemble of armed organizations, all kinds of armed security forces, Mafia stile armed gangs, corruption and anarchy. The Fatah is a liberation organization but never was a social movement. The Fatah priority is clear – first comes the struggle with Israel then the buildup of the Palestinian society.

The Hamas merged from the Palestinian territories as an Islamic social movement. All its leadership comes from the Palestinian towns, villages and refugee camps inside the territories. Those who were not deported by Israel are still living in the same places. The Hamas preached from the very beginning that  the liberation of all Palestine and the annihilation of Israel is a mission for the future. The build up of a functioning, united, organized and just society comes first and is a precondition to enable the Palestinians to bear the burden of the long struggle to weep out Israel from the map. The Hamas priority is clear – first comes the buildup of the Palestinian society then the struggle with Israel.

Therefore there is a solid ideological base for the Hamas to a long cease fire understanding with Israel. The Hamas will continue to dream about the end of Israel and to prepare itself for the renewal of violence and in the meantime to organize the Palestinian society. Israel, for sure, will refine and polish its military abilities and in the meantime develop its economy. Nobody can really know what will be the situation in the Middle East or between Israel and the Palestinians five years ahead. A temporary calm is not for granted in the Middle East.  

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