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On 08/10/2006 the British police arrested, in an anti terror swoop, 24 suspects, most of them from Pakistani descent, in Birmingham, High Wycombe and London.  Some of the suspects were not caught and remained at large. The detainees were suspected of planning to reconstruct the Bojinka Plot from 12/1994. The youngest of the detainees was 17, the oldest was 35.  Two of the detainees were released after 24 hours without any charges.

A number of business premises and houses have been sealed off by the police, including several in High Wycombe, when the police searched after explosive substances. .

According to the Scotland Yard the suspects planed to smuggle into 10 commercial airliners from UK to USA fluid chemicals in mineral water bottles or other drinks in order to deceive the explosive detector sensors in Heathrow. In the toilets of the planes the perpetrators planed to mix the fluid chemical substances to a liquid explosive and then to detonate them by committing a suicide attack.  According to the authority the plot was scheduled to mid 08/2006, but the preparations were not in such a stage to support the allegation and there were not, yet, enough suicide bombers ready to commit the attack. The police uncovered, in one of the laptops ceased in the search warrants, only two martyrdom tapes. Both would be martyrs were arrested in Pakistan.

The Atlantic Aitliners  Plot was triggered by the arrest of Rashid Rauf in Pakistan on 08/09/2006. Rashid Rauf, who was under international British and Pakistani surveillance, was connected to Lashkar-e-Toiba and Al Qaeda and transferred money and instructions to the members in UK. 

On 08/11/2006 the Bank of England has frozen the assets of 19 of the two dozens suspects arrested in the plot, among them Tayib Rauf, Rashid Rauf ’s brother. Also on 08/11/2006 the Italian police, based on Information from UK and Pakistan, swooped on Islamic gathering places, including call centers, Internet points and money-transfer sites and arrested 40 suspects – all from Pakistani origin. 28 people were arrested for violating rules on residence permits and 12 were arrested for property crimes. The Belgian police opened an investigation into a group of Pakistanis suspected of financing the terrorist group Lashkar-e-Toiba. The British authorities believe that money contributed in UK for victims of the disastrous 10/2005 earthquake in Pakistan, through the Pakistani charity Jumaat-ud-Dawa, related to Lashkar-e-Toiba, was diverted to finance the Heathrow Airliners  Plot.

On 08/15/2006 two more suspects were arrested in the Thames Valley area, about 18 miles from High Wycombe. One of the suspects was released the next day.

According to ISI – the Pakistani intelligence 29-year-old al-Qaeda commander, Matiur Rehman, a distant relative of Rashid Rauf, was known to be planning a spectacular terror attack around The 9/11 anniversary. It may have been the Heathrow Airliners  Plot.

At least 8 of the suspects are believed to have worshipped in London’s Queen’s Road Mosque in Walthamstow where they were, most likely, recruited to Jihad and Islamic terror.

Eventually 11 of the 23 suspects, held for more then 24 hours, were charged on various articles related to terror. Eight were accused of conspiracy to murder and preparing acts of terrorism. Two were accused of failing to disclose information and a 17-year-old was charged with possessing articles useful to a person preparing terrorism acts. (see – Atlantic Plot Suspects ). Tayib Rauf was released after 14 days without any charges.  

The trial of the 11 Atlantic Plot Suspects due to begin in 04/2008. Four of the defendants were convicted, on Monday 09/07/2009, the rest were found not guilty or were not charged (see -Atlantic-Plot convicted) .  

* According to a porn Video siezed from Maqsood L. in Berlin, on 05/16/2011, a 46 page document outlines how and why the liquid explosive plot took shape and explains how counter-surveillance measures by the London 7/21 bombers threw security officers off their scent.


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