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Israel had long experience fighting the Hizbullah in Lebanon in the security Zone from 1990-2000. Israeli generals came time and again with new security plans which, in general, worked very well at first. New tactics, new methods and new technology surprised the enemy. More than once Israeli generals declared victory in Lebanon, but the enemy, not less talented, adapted himself very soon to the new reality and responded with new tactics of his own in a cycle of constant evolution of measures and anti measures. In fact Israel never won the war in Lebanon and all achievements were short lived. So was the situation in the Vietnam War.

It seems that the situation in Iraq is similar. The security plan of General David Petraeus from 02/2007 is, in military terms, a success. In political terms the plan managed to lower the profile of Iraq war in the American media in the election year of 2008 and provides to the American President a more convenient background. But in this type of war military successes are short lived and without a substantial political progress – almost meaningless in the long run. (See – IRAQ-VIETNAM )

About 100 people were killed, on Friday 02/01/2008 noon, in a double suicide attack on a busy Friday rush hour in Baghdad.  A female suicide bomber blew herself up in the Pet Market in central Baghdad killing more then 50 people. Almost simultaneously a second female suicide bomber blew herself in South-East Baghdad in the Bird Market killing about 45 more(see – Samira Jassim).

In the last months there is a growing number of female suicide bombers that participate in the terror suicide attacks which complicates even more the war on terror and urban guerilla in Iraq.

After about 10 days, on 02/10/2002, the USA army arrested a psychiatric hospital official at the al-Rashad psychiatric hospital in Baghdad. He was arrested  in connection with bombings by two allegedly mentally disabled women and is suspected of supplying patient information to Al Qaeda in Iraq.

Officials later said the explosives had been attached to two mentally disabled women and were remotely detonated.


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