* Faiz Abu Baker Bafana was borne in 1961 in Singapore. He later moved to Malaysia and became a successful businessman who ran a large construction firm in Malaysia. Faiz  Bafana was a wealthy and generous financial donner to the INDONESIAN JI in the 90s’ and became one of the close lieutenants of Hambali.

In 1999 Faiz  Bafana went to Afghanistan with Hambali and Zaini Zakaria to receive military training in al Qaeda’s camps. When they returned to Kuala Lumpur in early 2000 Faiz  Bafana visited the Royal Selangor Flying Club at a nearby Malaysian Air Force base to check a possibility to exploit Zaini Zakaria’s pilot’s license for an aerial terror attack such as flying an airplane into the White House in USA. That Library Tower Plot was, eventually abandoned in early 2001 under a direct instruction of no 3’ in Al Qaeda Khalid Shaik Mohammed.

In 10/2000 Faiz  Bafana met in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia’s capital, with one of The 9/11 hijackers – Khalid al-Mihdhar, to discuses more options to commit a 9/11 style attack.       

In late 2000 Faiz  Bafana was one of the coordinators and the financing broker between Moro Islamic Liberation Front – MILF and the INDONESIAN JI in executing the Manila 2001 eve attack and was in constant phone connection with Hambali and Fathur Rohman Ghozi.

After the Manila 2001 eve attack Faiz  Bafana moved, under the instruction of Hambali, to Singapore in order to facilitate a plot to attack USA embassy and other American interests in Singapore, such as American warships in Singapore harbor, similar to the USS Cole attack in Yemen.

In 12/2001 Faiz  Bafana was suspected of being a SINGAPORE Cell member and was arrested in Singapore. His arrest led to the arrest of Fathur Rohman Ghozi in the Philippines in 02/2002.

In his trial in 06/2003 Faiz  Bafana described the INDONESIAN J.I leader Abu Bakar Bashir as close to him as his father. 


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