After six-month surveillance, on Wednesday 01/31/2007 before dawn, the British West Midlands police raided several sites in Birmingham and near by Alum Rock area. The police arrested 8 suspected, from Pakistani origin, for plotting and inciting terror act of “Iraq-style” kidnapping and beheading the victim. The target was a British Muslim soldier in his twenties who was under police protection.  The plot marked a new approach to terrorism and Global Jihad in Great Britain.

The Midland police released without any charge 3 of the suspects on 02/08/2007 and indicted the five other over an alleged plot to kidnap a U.K Muslim soldier.

One of the released suspects, Abu Bakr age 38, who works in the Maktabah bookshop, founded by Moazzam Begg in 2000, accused the British government that UK is “a police state for Muslims” (see also – Ahmed Faraz ).

The 5 men that were remanded in custody on Thursday 02/09/2007, are:

1. Parviz Khan, age 36, and the leader of the group. He was charged with supplying equipment and funding terrorism under the Terrorism Act with the other four and, in addition, with plotting the kidnap.

2. Amjad Mahmood, age 31.

3. Mohammed Irfan, age 30.

4. Zahoor Iqbal, age 29.

5. Hamid Elasmar, age 43.

The last 4 were charged with supplying equipment and funding terrorism under the Terrorism Act.

A sixth man – Basiru Gassama, age 29, was accused for withholding information about a potential act of terrorism.

The police also arrested Abu Izzadeen in London on 02/08/2007. Among other things Abu Izzadeen, in a speech in Birmingham in 2006, explicitly encouraged his audience to behead Muslim recruits to the British army.

It is, therefore, logical to assume that he is a part of the investigation in this plot.
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