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* Bouchta  Bouriki was born in Morocco in 1965. He arrived to Italy in 1985, became a self-proclaimed imam in the small Porta Palazzo Torino Mosque, in North East Italy, and worked as a local Halal butcher.

In the mid 90s’ Bouchta  Bouriki’s Mosque in Torino became a recruiting center for young Muslims to be Mujahidin (Holy Warriors) in the wars in Bosnia and Chechnya. Bouchta  Bouriki became known all over Italy when he defended Osama Bin Laden on Italian television in the days following The 9/11 and called for the “end of the West.”

Bouchta  Bouriki was known for his radical views and connection with Al Qaeda affiliated operatives but never went through criminal proceeding in connection with terrorism.   

When another Imam in Torino, Abdel Mamour , was deported back to Senegal on 11/2003 Bouchta  Bouriki led the protest of the Islamic community in Torino and Italy. Bouchta  Bouriki also led a campaign demanding that the Italian authority will permit Islamic women to be photographed for official documents, such as passports and driving licenses, wearing a veil. 

On 09/06/2005 Bouchta  Bouriki was expelled from Italy back to Morocco for inciting to radical and violent activity in his Mosque. The expulsion of Bouchta  Bouriki was, according to Italian officials, triggered also by the London 7/21 events. His expulsion came a day after the deportation of Kamel Bouraib and a day before Ben Said Faycal was sent back to Tunisia.  

Bouchta  Bouriki right hand in Torino, Mohamed Kohaila, was also expelled from Italy to Algeria in 01/09/2008.


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