* Abdel Qader Fadlallah Mamour was born in Senegal approximately in 1958. He is married to an Italian wife and has 5 children. Abdel  Mamour became the Imam of Carmagnola Mosque, a village near the North-West city of Torino in Italy

Between the years 1993-6 Abdel  Mamour traveled to Sudan, operated in the reorganization of Al Qaeda and met, at least twice, with Osama Bin Laden and with the military wing commander Mohammed Atef . According to Abdel  Mamour, Osama Bin Laden financed, partially, Islamic operations in Europe through diamonds trading between Africa and Belgium.

In 1996 Abdel  Mamour fought in Bosnia before moving to Italy. He turned the Carmagnola Mosque, where he served as Imam, into a fund raising center for Bosnia, Chechnya and Afghanistan.

In 11/2003 Abdel  Mamour supported, publicly, the Nasiriya Bombing attack on an Italian base in Iraq, on 11/12/2003, which killed 19 Italian servicemen. In an interview to a newspaper Abdel  Mamour warned that if Italian troops were not pulled out of Iraq, there could be a bomb attack in Rome, and boasted knowing Osama bin Laden. In response Abdel  Mamour was deported back to Senegal in mid 11/2003.

After Abdel  Mamour’s deportation from Italy, a fellow Imam from Torino – Bouchta Bouriki, led the protest of the Islamic community in Torino and Italy against the deportation.

Abdel  Mamour was interviewed, few days after his deportation, through the phone from Dakar, Senegal’s capital, by the London-based Arabic newspaper Sharq Al-Awsat.  

Although a regional court in Lazio ruled Abdel  Mamour’s deportation illegal, the Italian interior minister ruled out the possibility of any return of Abdel  Mamour to Italy.


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