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* Ruslan  Khuchbarov, nick name “The colonel” was born in 1972 in the village of Galashki, Ingushetia. He lived in the early 90s in Oriol region in central Russia. Ruslan  Khuchbarov associated himself to Shamil Basayev in 1998 and soon became one of his senior field commanders. He was one of the chief coordinators of the Moscow Theater attack on 10/22/2002 and a friend of Movsar Barayev , the Moscow Theater attack’s commander.

Ruslan  Khuchbarov became wanted by the Russian security service –FSB after the second Chechen war breached out in 1999 for committing a series of terror attacks in Ingushetia. In one of the attacks, on a government compound, 18 servicemen of the Russian Interior Ministry were killed.

Ruslan  Khuchbarov was one of the leading commanders of the Beslan Horror. During the Beslam siege he negotiated with the former president of Ingushetia, Ruslan Aushev, which led, apparently, to the release of 11 mothers with 14 babies on the second day of the siege, the 09/02/2004. It is not clear if he was really the top commander of Beslan Horror or he operated under Magomed Evloev, who was the acting commander of the attack and remained behind the scene.

Ruslan  Khuchbarov was killed in the showdown of Beslan Horror on 09/03/2004.


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