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* Magomed  Evloev was a former Russian policeman in Ingushetia. On 09/05/2003 Magomed  Evloev orchestrated a suicide car bomb attack, with two suicide bombers in the driver’s compartment, in order not to arise suspicions, against the Russian Security Service – PSB headquarter in Magas, Ingushetia’s official capital. In the Magas Bombing 3 people were killed and about 100 were wounded.  Since the attack Magomed  Evloev became a most wanted fugitive of the PSB. The attack granted Magomed  Evloev with the nick name Magas.   

On 06/22/2004, about two months before the Beslan Horror, Magomed  Evloev – Magas became a senior ally or lieutenant of Shamil Basayev and led the Nazran Raid attack on Government buildings in Imgushetia. In the attack over 150 people were killed, including the Ingushetia Interior minister. Six days later, on 06/28/2004, the Russian army said they managed to kill Magomed  Evloev but were proven wrong. 

Magomed  Evloev was in command in the Beslan Horror, on 09/01/2004. it is assumed that he was the real commander, behind the scene, who left the talking and negotiation to Ruslan Khuchbarov, nick name “The colonel”.

According to Russian security officials Magomed  Evloev was, indeed, in some sort of command in Beslan Horror and was killed in the showdown on 09/03/2004, which contradicts the previous announcement about his death on 06/28/2004. Magomed  Evloev’s was identified by both his description, when he was alive and his photos in Beslan school wreckage. 

Magomed  Evloev was not identified by his fingerprints, although the FSB has his fingerprints in FSB’s archive, neither did his parents come to identify him. It is clear that Magomed  Evloev’s alleged body was not identified properly.

On 09/04/2004, the independent Ingushetian website claimed that “Magas” is not in fact Magomed  Evloev, who does not exist, but a former Ingush police officer named Ali Musaevich Taziev.

Magomed  Evloev was appointed by Shamil Basayev, in early 2006, as the commander of Ingushetia. That nomination could be, as well, a diversion in order to confuse the Russian Security Service – FSB.

Today (02/2008) it is unclear whether Magomed  Evloev is dead or alive and if he really was the commander on the scene of Beslan Horror. 


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