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* Muhammad bin Abdullah bin Saif al-Tamimi, nick name Abu Omar Al-Sayf, was born in Saudi Arabia in 1968 (1969). Abu Omar Al-Sayf fought in Afghanistan in the last stage of the war against the RUSSIANS, in the years 1986-8 and was associated with Dr. Abdullah Azzam. After the Afghan war Abu Omar Al-Sayf returned to Saudi Arabia and completed his university education in the College of Sharia at Imam Muhammad Bin Saud Islamic University.

In 1996 Abu Omar Al-Sayf, already married and a father of two, shifted his activity to Northern Caucasus as the Mufti of some of the Chechen anti Russian warriors. He was especially associated to the Chechen warlord Shamil Basayev. Abu Omar Al-Sayf married a second wife from Chechnya.

Abu Omar Al-Sayf received, regularly, money from Charity organizations and foundations to his office in Dagestan’s capital – Makhachkala.  The RUSSIAN security services -FSB is convinced that some of the money was used to support Islamic terror and that Abu Omar Al-Sayf seemed to have been the trustee of Arab financiers, especially from Saudi Arabia. The RUSSIAN FSB claims that Abu Omar Al-Sayf has a part in financing also the Beslan Horror from 09/01/2004.

During the Chechen autonomy regime of Zelimkhan Yandarbiev , in the years 1996-99, Abu Omar Al-Sayf held the title and position of Chairman of the Shariaa judges and was responsible for implementation of the Islamic courts in Chechnya.  

On the third anniversary to The 9/11 attack, Al Qaeda media branch – As-Shahab, released a video footage in which Abu Omar Al-Sayf praised the recent attacks against Saudi Arabia during the summer of 2004 but he did not mention Chechnya or the Caucasus.

Abu Omar al-Saif wrote several articles and books, especially related to the issues of Iraq and Democracy.  Abu Omar Al-Sayf was killed, with his Chechen wife, in Dagestan on 12/12/2005 by Russian special forces.


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