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* A. Leaders of Beslan Horror that were not on the scene but masterminded, financed, organized or supported the attack in deferent ways were: Shamil Basayev ; Abu Omar al-Sayf ; Kamel Rabat Bouralha ; Abu Zaid Al-KUWAITI.

From the four senior suspects in masterminding and organizing the Beslan Horror one is a Chechen, one from Algerian descent and 2 from Arab origin. The evidence against the two Arabs is not conclusive and is based on the general support they gave to Shamil Basayev over the years.

* B. Nur-Pashi Kulayev is the only terrorist that participated, actually, in the attack and was captured alive.

* C. List of terrorists that participated, actually, in the attack. Russian authorities managed to identify the bodies of 14 male hostage takers out of 30 males who participated in the Beslan Horror; 11 of them were Muslims from the Russian Caucasus or Chechens from Kazakhstan; 3 came from the Chechen village of Engenoi; two others were Ingush brothers. They Ingush brothers were identified in 11/2004 by DNA.

Ruslan Khuchbarov ; Iznaur Kodzoyev ; Sultan Kamurzayev ; Abdul-Azim Labazanov ; Han-Pashi Kulayev ; Adam Kushtov ; Arsen Merzhoyev ; Mayrbek Shaybekhanov ; Issa Torshkhoyev ; Bei-Alla Tsechoyev ; Musa Tsechoyev. (See list of Killed Hostage-Takers )

Only two of the identified bodies were of Algerian origin and came to Chechnya, in 2001, as UK citizens, after they fled Algeria, probably in the early 90s’. The claim that 10 of the hostage takers were from Arab origin was not proven. The two Arabs were: Yacine Benalia and Osman Larussi.   

One was a Slav who, presumably, converted to Islam but his name and former whereabouts remains unknown. He received the nickname – Fantomas.   

* D. List of terrorists that participated, presumably, in the attack and their bodies were not found or properly identified in the Beslan Horror scene:  Magomed Evloev ; Vladimir Khodov ; Ali Musaevich Taziev.

* F. Women suicide bombers, known as Black Widowsthat participated, actually, in the attack and their bodies were identified finally, as late as 04/2005, in the Beslan Horror scene: Roza Nagayeva ; Mairam Taburova .

* G. At least five of the Beslan perpetrators, who were identified, were previously pronounced as dead in deferent occasions. The mistakes raise a serious question about the reliability and efficiency of the Russian security service – FSB.


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