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* Mohamad  Haddad was born in Tangier on 03/04/1967. He Moved to Europe in the late 80s’ or early 90s’.

In 10/2000, according to intelligence sources Mohamad  Haddad, with Salahedin Benyaich and Lahcen Ikassrien, met in Istanbul, Turkey, with Amer Azizi and Said Berraj, probably to coordinate the operation in Europe of the Moroccan Islamic Combat Group (CICM),  which had a large network in Europe. On 10/10/2000 Mohamad  Haddad was arrested by the Turkish police alongside Lahcen Ikassrien, Salahedin Benyaich, Amer Azizi and Said Berraj .

After an intervention of the Maroccan embassy in Turkey, Mohamad  Haddad and Lahcen Ikassrien were deported to Iran.  Lahcen Ikassrien was captured in Afghanistan during operation Absolute Justice and sent to Guantanamo in early 2002. Mohamad  Haddad returned, after a while, to Spain.  In Spain Mohamad  Haddad lived the Madrid suburb of Lavapies where many Moroccan immigrants lived, including Jamal Zougam and Fouad el Morabitchief suspects in the Madrid Trains Bombing.

Mohamad  Haddad, according to Spanish authorities, probably, placed one of the bombs in the Madrid Trains Bombing in 03/2004. He fled immediately after the attack to Morocco where he was detained and later released.

Mohamed Haddad lived (01/2005) in Tetouan, Morocco, without his passport and with the express prohibition to leave Morocco or to speak with any journalist. According to El Mundo Spanish newspaper analysts have shown their surprise because of the special treatment given to Mohamed Haddad in Morocco where about 8,000 Islamists have been condemned to several years of prison, after the Casablanca Bombings, on charges of being members of an Islamic organization.

This fact, according to the information of the Madrid’s newspaper, means that Mohamad  Haddad was an informer of the DST (Moroccan Terrorism Surveillance Unit) in Spain in order to monitor members of the Moroccan Islamic Combat Group (CICM) operating in Spain.  Mohamad  Haddad knew things that the Moroccans did not want the Spaniards to know. According to a lawyer of some Salafia Jihadia terrorists: “ is impossible, with the Morocco police of today, that an accused Islamist that has perpetrated an attack can take a walk freely” in the streets of Tetouan.


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