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* Attila  Turk, a Muslim French citizen, was born in 1976 in Turkey. In 2000-1 Attila  Turk went through military training in Afghanistan.

Already in 2003 Attila  Turk was visited, often, by Hasan El Haski, a key perpetrator of the Madrid Trains Bombing. The last visit was a day before the attack.    

Attila  Turk was arrested on 04/05/2004 in connection with the Casablanca Bombings in Paris, Charles de Gaulle Airport, when he was about to leave France with Mustapha Baouchi. Attila  Turk was accused of helping to finance the attack with money robbed by Mustapha Baouchi’s brother – Hassan Baouchi, a former employee with Brink’s security company. Almost simultaneously, the French police arrested in Paris and South France 11 more suspects for belonging to the Moroccan Islamic Combat Group – (CICM) network in France. 4 of the detainees were later released without any charges.

In his investigation Attila  Turk revealed the communication system between Hasan El Haski and his colleagues in the Madrid cell by using all the same Yahoo email account – Babana12002.

On 07/11/2007 a Paris court convicted Attila Turk, along with the Maroccan-Network, of being a financier and a treasurer of the Moroccan Islamic Combat Group – ( CICM ) terror group operating in France and Spain and sentenced him to 6 years imprisonment.


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