On 03/06/2008, at about 20:40, a Palestinian arrived to Mercaz Harav – a theological seminary and a religious Zionism’s flagship institution, on the Western entrance to Jerusalem. He was armed with an asault rifle and entered the library of the seminary, crowded with people who listened to the weekly preaching. The gunman immediately opened fire on the audience.


 Some of the present returned fire and hindered the attackers for a short time. A paratroop officer in vacation, who lives nearby, rushed to the scene with his weapon and shot the perpetrator dead.  From initial report 8 of the students, most of them underage, were killed and 11 more seriously wounded, some of them critically. Israeli police is still looking for the driver who drove the terrorist to the scene.

The terrorist was identified as Ala Abu Dhaim. 20, an Arab Jerusalem resident from Jabel-Mukaber who worked as a minivan driver in a private transport company in East Jerusalem including with Mercaz Harav. After the attack Ala Abu Dhaim house was decorated with flags of Hamas and Hizbullah to welcome the mourners.

On the same day an Israeli soldier was killed on the Gaza border by a roadside bomb and 8 Qassam rockets were fired on Israeli villages, which wounded a citizen in Shderot.


A border policeman was killed and a Border policewoman critically wounded, on Thursday 01/24/2008 night, in a shooting attack on a check point in North Jerusalem – Shuafat (See – Fatah Again ). The last suicide attack in Israel occurred in Dimona on 02/04/2008, about a month ago. (See – Dimona Attack )


Hizbullah in Lebanon claimed, through Al Manar TV channel, that the attack in Jerusalem was a revenge for Mughniyah’s Death in Damascus on 02/12/2008 and was carried out by the “ Imad Mugniyah’s Galilee Liberator Martyrs”. (See also – MUGHNIYAH AFTERMATH )

While not claiming responsibility for the attack, Sami Abu Zuhri, a spokesman for Hamas, said “this heroic attack in Jerusalem is a normal response to the crimes of the occupier and its murder of civilians”.


Between the Israeli Arabs in the Galilee a small terror cell named “Galilee Liberators”, inspired by Hizbullah, operated in the years 2003-6 and was responsible for the assassination, on 07/21/2003, of an Israeli Soldier – Oleg Shaichat.




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