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* Mohamed Benhedi Msahel was born in Tunisia in1969. He immigrated to Italy, is single and lived in Milan.

Mohamed  Benhedi Msahel was arrested in Morocco in 03/24/2006, with 8 other suspects, for leading an international terror network in Morocco, France and Italy based on immigrants from the Maghreb.

According to security officials in Morocco’s capital – Rabat, the network led by Mohamed  Benhedi Msahel planned to participate in a larger plot to blow up a church in Bologna, a commuter train station in Milan, the headquarters of French intelligence services in Paris and the US consulate in Rabat. The attacks in Italy were modeled on the Madrid Trains Bombing. An European Muslim convert was due to join five Jihadi bombers recruited in Italy.

In 2005 Mohamed  Benhedi Msahel traveled from Italy with two associates, Anour Majrar, 31, and Amir Laaraj alias Salim El Ouahrani, to Algeria and Morocco to recruit bombers for the plots. In Algeria Mohamed  Benhedi Msahel met with the leader of the country’s largest outlawed Muslim organization, the Salafist Group for Preaching and Combat – GSPC, probably with Abu Musab Abdul-Wadud. Anour Majrar was arrested in Morocco late 2005 and uncovered, in his interrogation, the plot which led to the arrest of Mohamed  Benhedi Msahel and his network on his next visit to Morocco.

On 03/03/2007 Mohamed  Benhedi Msahel was sentenced in Morocco for 15 years imprisonment. The other 8 defendants in the plot received terms from 2 up to 15 years in jail. Amir Laaraj who was arrested too, in connection with another case, was sentenced on 02/2007 to 7 years term.

* The other 8 defendants in Mohamed  Benhedi Msahel’s network were identified by the Moroccan authorities as: Lahcen Mhater; Faris Said; Ghrar Said Ghrar; Abdelghani Auiuch; Abdelhaq Turi; Adil Kautari; Mohamed Hermouch and Abdelfettah Hidaoui.



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