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* Ali Abd al-Rahman al Faqasi Al-Ghamdi, also known as Abu Bakr al-Azdi, was born in Saudi Arabia in 1974. He went through military training in Afghanistan and fought in Chechnya in the first war against the Russians in the mid 90s’,

Ali Faqasi Al-Ghamdi fought in Afghanistan with Al Qaeda during operation Absolute Justice in 11/2001 and some say he also fought in Tora Bora. In early 2002 Ali Faqasi Al-Ghamdi returned to Saudi Arabia to become a senior operative in the local Al Qaeda network. He established, in Median, close relations with Zubayr al-Rimi and Ahmed Omar abu-Ali in order to form a cell also in USA.

Ali Faqasi Al-Ghamdi reported directly to Khalid Shaik Mohammed. He was one of the organizers of the Riyadh Suicide Attacks on 05/12/2003. He became one of 19 most-wanted fugitives from the Saudi authorities in connection with the attack.

Two months later Ali Faqasi Al-Ghamdi surrendered to Saudi authorities on 07/26/2003 in Medina. (Probably with the assistance and mediation of local respected Islamic scholars ).  In his interrogation Ali Faqasi Al-Ghamdi spoke about a supposed plot of suicide hijackings of commercial airliners, similar to The 9/11, to be executed by the end of summer of 2003, with possible targets including sites in the United States and other countries.

Eventually no further information came out to support this plot story. Anyway, his interrogation led to a general world wide warning, issued by USA authorities, in early 07/2003, for possible aircrafts’ hijacking.

In late 07/2003 Ali Faqasi Al-Ghamdi was handed over from Saudi Arabia to USA authorities and transferred to Guantanamo where he is held today (03/2008).

* Note – 

The Al-Ghamdi tribe from Al-Baha, an isolated mountainous region on the southern coast of the Red Sea, is known for its radical attitude toward Islam. Many tribe members joined Al Qaeda or affiliated groups. Two brothers: Hamza & Ahmed al-Ghamdi and a family member Saeed al-Ghamdi were among The 9/11 hijackers.

An uncle, Muhammed Al-Ghamdi, also known as Abu al-Walid, became a senior military commander in the Chechen ranks in the wars against the Russians in Chechnya.

Another uncle, Bandar Al-Ghamdi, managed to flee to Yemen. He was on the list of 19 most-wanted fugitives from the Saudi authorities in connection with the Riyadh Suicide Attacks. Bandar Al-Ghamdi was arrested on 09/09/2003, eventually, in Yemen and later extradited back to Saudi Arabia


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