Asood al Jazeera” – Al-Jazeera  Lions is the name of a Kuwaiti terror network of Al Qaeda, which operated in the Emirate from late 2002 up to 2005, when most of its activists were killed, arrested or fled to Iraq. The group’s aim was to “expel Americans from the Arabian Peninsula (Al-Jazeera )”.

Al-Jazeera in Arabic means island but is the common word for the Arab Peninsula, surrounded with sea from three directions and by desert from the forth direction – the North. The name Al-Jazzera suggests that the group is not focused uniquely on Kuwait but on all the pro American regimes in the entire Arab Peninsula. ‘Al-Jazeera  Lions’ was a subset of the late Saudi al-Qaeda leader Abdul Aziz Muqrin’s al-Haramain Brigades (see also -Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula).

On 01/30/2005, following an investigation after the slain Fawaz al-Otaibi deeds and whereabouts, Kuwaiti security forces closed in on a six story building in Salmiya neighborhood in Kuwait City, where Al-Jazeera  Lions activists gathered. After a short shootout three Islamic militants were killed, among them Nasser al-Enezi, a former Kuwaiti policeman and the brother of the ringleader – Amer al-Enezi , and a fourth militant was captured.

The arrested militant led, in the next night, to the arrest, in Mubarak Al-Kabeer Area, 30 km south of Kuwait City, of Amer al-Enezi with two other militants, while four more activists were killed by police fire. In the following days the Kuwaiti security forces arrested 24 suspects: 17 from Kuwait, 2 Saudis, two Jordanians and four Bedouins without citizenship. Other leaders of the group: Khaled al-Dosari and Mohsen al-Fahdli managed to flee to Iraq and were never captured. The arrest and the killing of about 20 Islamic militants dismantled, practically, the Islamic Al Qaeda network in Kuwait.  

On 05/24/2005 the trial of 37 members of the terror cell named “Al-Jazeera  Lions” was opened in Kuwait City. 11 of the defendants were judged in absentia. Amer al-Enezi himself died in jail on 02/09/2005, 9 days after his arrest.  Amer al-Enezi’s wife Noha al-Enezi was not charged after she got cancer (She died in London in 04/2005).

On 12/27/2005 7 defendants were acquitted from all charges. Six were convicted of planning to go to Iraq to commit suicide attacks and sentenced to death. One was sent to life imprisonment and the others to variety of 4 months to 15 years in jail. (See – AJL members list)

In an interview to the London based “Islamic Media Watch” organization, on 02/17/2005, Khaled al-Dosari claimed from his hideout that there is not such an organization as “Asood al Jazeera” – Al-Jazeera  Lions and the name is an invention of the Kuwaiti Security service.  

In audio tapes broadcasted in Al-Jazeera TV network on 03/16/2005 an anonymous voice, presumed to be the voice of Saleh al-Oufi, the head of Al Qaeda in Saudi Arabia at that time, in which he refers to the arrest of the Lions of Kuwait.

** NoteIt is a common technique among security services in the World, when they have difficulties in monitoring an extreme subversive group, to form a group of their own, pretend to be even more extreme so all the fanatics will be attracted to the new group. The technique enable the security service to filter the more extreme activists from the crowd, to learn their real intention, to monitor their social connections and, eventually, to foil their plans. It seems that “Asood al Jazeera” – Al-Jazeera  Lions is such an example.    

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