On 10/01/2005 at about 19:00 local time, three bombs exploded, almost simultaneously, in two seafood cafes in Jimbaran and the third in a three-story noodle and steakhouse in downtown Kuta – the scene of the Bali ‘02 Bombings just 3 years earlier. Jimbaran and Kuta are favored tourists resorts in Bali, Southern Indonesia. 26 people were killed, including the three bombers, and over 120 wounded in the triple bombs attack. 15 of the casulties were innocent ordinary Indonesian citizens.

Many deaths and injuries had been inflicted by shrapnels, which indicate that the bombs were assembled from a relativly small quantity of explosives with a larger amount of small metal parts such as nails.

On 10/12/2005 a video footage was distributed through the web in which Noordin Mohammed Top threatened that USA, UK, Italy and Australia will be the next targets.  

Police later said they had found three unexploded bombs in Jimbaran. They had apparently failed to go off after the security forces hastily shut down the island’s mobile telephone network following the first blasts.

From his prison cell, Islamic cleric Abu Bakar Bashir – INDONESIAN JI alleged spiritual leader – condemned the attack but also said in a statement that the weekend’s blasts were a sign of God’s displeasure with the Indonesian government.

The investigation revealed that on 08/31/2005, one month before the second Bali bombing, terrorists managed to put a partially assembled bomb on the 4th floor of Kuta Paradiso Hotel. The bomb passed the security check at the hotel and the security cameras on the hotel were broken. There were no explosives in the bomb. It is possible that the event was a drill to check the security measures.

All three explosions were carried out by suicide bombers. An amateur video capturing the scene at the restaurant in Kuta showing one bomber with a backpack walking inside just seconds before a huge explosion. 

Police suspected that Imam Samudra , although arrested about two years earlier, coordinated the attack from his prison cell using a laptop and a wireless connection to chat with other terrorist.

Dwi Widianto, 30; Mohammad Cholily, 28; Abdul-Aziz, 30; and Anif Solchanudin, 24. were arrested in Bali and Central Java few days after the attack for suspicions that they participated in the attack by monitoring the area, driving the suicide bombers to their targets and placing the other bombs. They all operated under the command of Noordin Mohammed Top.  The aggressive men hunt followed the Bali attack led, on 11/08/2005, to the close in and, eventually, the killing of the explosive expert who monitored the assembling of the bombs – Dr. Azahari Husin.

in Central Java. In his investigation he confirmed to be in connection with Noordin Mohammed Top. He admitted in his investigation to recording Top’s massage broadcasted on 10/12/2005 and that he helped to recruit the suicide Bali 2005 bombers. Subur Sugiarto had been proven to be the cameramen of a VCD found in the hideout of Dr. Azahari Husin , on 11/08/2005, in Batu, near Malang in East Java.

Another suspect – Joko Wibowo, 25, nick name Abu Sayaf, was arrested the next day alongside with other 4 suspects for helping Noordin Mohammed Top in committing the Bali 2005 bombings attack.

The three suicide bombers were identified after the interrogation of the other suspects and the publishing of their edited pictures as Mohammad Salik Firdaus from the town of Majalengka, West Java, Misno from Cilacap, Central Java and Yatno (real name is Ayip Hidayat). All the three stayed in Bali few days prior to the attack in the apartment of a Bali mason named Hassan, who was also a board member in a Bali Islamic school and was known as a devoted Muslim. (See – Bali Bombers ) 


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