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Umar  Patek, also known as Umar Kecil and whose real name is Hisyam Bin Alizein, was born in 1970 in Java, Indonesia to a family from Arabic descent. He is an INDONESIAN JI member.

Umar  Patek is believed to have been among a group of Indonesians, Malaysians and Filipinos who travelled to Afghanistan and Pakistan during the 1980s and 1990s for training and fighting.

After the Bali ‘02 Bombings , when the extent of his involvement in committing the attack as a coordinator was exposed through the investigation, a reward of $1 million was offered by the Australian, USA and Indonesian governments for information leading to his capture. Umar  Patek managed to flee from Indonesia with Dulmatin and Zulkarnaen.

In 05/2003 Umar  Patek began to operate from Pawas, which is near Cotabato, South Philippines, in coordinating attacks in Indonesia such as the Marriott Hotel on 08/05/2003. On 10/2003 Umar  Patek, Zulkarmaen and Dulmatin, planned an attack, which was foiled, against the South Asian Anti Terror Convention scheduled to 10/06/2003. Umar  Patek participated in the setup of the attack against the AUSTRALIAN Embassy in Jakarta on 09/09/2004. His main role was to track down, recruit and train the right people for the planned attacks.

In 04/2004 Umar  Patek contacted, through his assistant Sunata, a financier from Saudi Arabia known as Abu Mohammad who supported his activity. The financial support lasted up to late 2006. 

In late 2005 Umar  Patek was one of the guides at an Abu Sayyaf training camp in Mindanao, in the Southern Philippines.

Umar  Patek was reported killed on 09/14/2006 in the Sulu province of the Philippines but this report was never confirmed. Umar  Patek is, probably, still at large (see – Dul-Matin Death). The Indonesian police confirmed, on Sunday 03/14/2010, that Umar  Patek is still in the island-province of Sulu aided by homegrown terrorist group Abu Sayyaf.

A terrorism research group has strong proof that INDOMESIAM JI (JI) bomb expert and alleged Abu Sayyaf trainer Umar  Patek is in the Philippines. A video provided by the Philippine Institute for Peace, Violence and Terrorism Research to ABS-CBN News showed, in early 11/2010, Umar  Patek carrying a rifle. The group said the video was taken in Tawi-Tawi province just recently. 



Umar  Patek was, eventually, captured in Pakistan, on 03/02/2011, in the town of Abbottabad in the outskirts of Islamabad. Details about what he was doing in Pakistan remain obscure, raising questions about whether he was there to plan an attack with Al Qaeda’s senior operational leaders as the 10-year anniversary of The 9/11, looms over the USA (see also – Lahor Arrests 01.2011 ).

 On Sunday 05/01/2011, U.S Special Forces killed in the audacious Abbottabad Raid Osama Bin Laden.

Umar  Patek was extradited from Pakistan back to Indonesia on Thursday 08/11/2011. His trial was opened in Jakarta on Sunday 02/12/2012.  He was, eventually, sentenced, on Friday 06/22/2012, to 20 years in jail. The sentence, probably, reflected the full cooperation of Umar  Patek with the Indonesian security apparatuses since his arrest in Pakistan more then a year earlier.


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