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Rawalpindi cell members were recruited by Amjad Farooqi in order to commit the double Rawalpindi attempt on Pakistan’s President Pervez Musharraf’s life in 12/2003.


* Islamuddin Sheikh alias Abdus Salam Saddiqi was born in 1970. He was a Sergeant Major in the Pakistani Air Force and part of a group involved in the first attempt in Rawalpindi, in which a road bridge was blown up on 12/15/2003, using powerful explosives, but missed Gen’ Pervez Musharraf’s car by seconds. Islamuddin Sadiqqui was court-martialed and sentenced to death. He was hanged on 08/25/2005.

* Mushtaq Ahmed served as a staff Sergeant in the Pakistani Air Force. Mushtaq Ahmed was arrested in early 2004, days after the double Rawalpindi attempt on Pakistan’s President Pervez Musharraf’s life in 12/2003, alongside Islamuddin Sadiqqui. In 03/2004 he was sentenced to death by a military court for allegedly planning two suicide attacks on Pervez Musharraf. Mushtaq Ahmed managed to flee the detention in an Air Force base in 01/2005.  He joined Naik Arshad Mahmood in an attempt to form a new terror cell and to resume the efforts to kill Pervez Musharraf. Mushtaq Ahmed was recaptured days after the arrest of Abu Faraj al-Liby on 05/03/2005.  On 03/20/2006 Mushtaq Ahmed lost his last appeal in high court. Today (04/2008) Mushtaq Ahmed is in Pakistani jail.

* Havaldar Mohammad Younis – a former soldier in the Pakistani 98 Air Defence Regiment and by 12/2003 a civilian. He was accused of assisting the plot, was judged in a separate trial in 03/2005 and received 10 years in jail 


Nine defendants were accused of involvement in no less than five attempts to assassinate Pervez Musharraf including, primarily, the double Rawalpindi attempt from 12/2003 and were put on trial in 08/2005.

On 08/26/2005 five of the defendants were sentenced to death. The five are:

* Naik Arshad Mahmood a soldier in the elite Special Services Group (SSG) of the Army who tried, after the double Rawalpindi attempt failed in 12/2003, to form a new cell with Mushtaq Ahmed. He was arrested in mid 05/2005.  

* Rashid Qureshi, an Islamic lecturer who appeared, with the help of Naik Arshad Mahmood, in front of the SSG soldiers, in mid 2003, to preach religion and incited them against the government. Rashid Qureshi issued a fatwa for Musharraf’s killing. Although Rashid Qureshi was asked by the soldiers to stop his preaching and leave, he was allowed to stay overnight at the SSG camp. More importantly, no one from the group of soldiers who were subjected to this incitement to rebel against the Army Chief deemed it necessary to report the matter to their superiors.

* Zubair Ahmed ; Ghulam Sarwar Bhatti and Ikhlas Ahmed alias Russi – no further information found.  

On 08/26/2005 Rana Mohammad Naveed has been sentenced to life imprisonment, Adnan Khan to 15 years and Aamir Sohail to 20 years imprisonment.

* Shazia Mubashir, the only woman accused, has been acquitted from all charges.


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