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* WEAPONS SHIP – Special navy forces discovered weapons and ammunition on the cargo ship Francop, overnight Tuesday 11/03/2009. See – FRANCOP

* NAHAL OZ – Five Palestinian militants have died and about 10 other wounded in a series of clashes with Israeli soldiers along the Israel-Gaza border, on Monday 06/08/2009 dawn. See – Nahal-Oz 06.08.09

 *HIFA MALL – A major terrorist car bombing was averted at a Haifa mall, on Saturday 03/21/2009 night, when one of several explosive devices hidden in a parked vehicle malfunctioned. See – Haifa 03.21.09

 * MALHA RAMPAGE – A Palestinian man driving a heavy wheeled tractor in a construction site was shot dead, on Thursday 03/05/2009 noon, after intentionally attacking a police car.  See – Malha Rampage

* IDF SQUARE RAMPAGE – An Arab resident of Jabel-Mukaber in East Jerusalem rammed his vehicle, on Monday 09/22/2008 at about 23:00, into a group of of-duty soldiers at a central Jerusalem thoroughfare, wounding 15 people, before being shot dead by an IDF officer – See – Tzahal Rampage

* KEREN HAYESSOD RAMPAGE – Just three weeks after the deadly rampage attack in Jerusalem, another identical copycat attack was carried out on 07/22/2008 at about 14:00 in Jerusalem again – See – Hayessod Rampage

* JAFFA RAMPAGE – On Wednesday 07/02/2008, at about 12:00, a Palestinian took over a bulldozer on the junction of Jaffa and Sha’arie Yisreal streets and went on the rampage in Jerusalem traffic – See – Jaffa Rampage

* KEREM SHALON – On Saturday 04/19/2008 morning, at about 06:30 the Hamas in Gaza Strip launched a sophisticated suicide attack on Kerem Shalom crossing in the southern Gaza Strip. See – Kerem-Shalom

* NAHAL OZ – On Wednesday 04/09/2008, at about 15:00, a team of 4 Palestinians attacked the fuel terminal , the only supply source of fuel to Gaza, near Kibutz Nahal-Oz about 6 km East of Gaza City. See – ABSURD

* MERCAZ HARAV  – On 03/06/2008, at about 20:40, a Palestinians, presumed to be Hamas member, arrived to Mercaz Harav – a theological seminary and a religious Zionism’s flagship institution. See – Mercaz-Harav

* DIMONA SUICIDE ATTACK  – On 02/04/2008 at about 10:30, two suicide bombers from Gaza Strip infiltrated into Israel through the long, unprotected border between Israel and Egypt in Sinai arrived to the town of Dimona in Southern Israel. See – Dimona Attack


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