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* Dr. Kifah Wael Jayyousi, born in 1962, is a USA Citizen, married and a father of 5 children. He served in the US Navy and was honorably discharged in 1988. Dr. Kifah  Jayyousi lived in San Diego, California, US, taught at Wayne State University College of Engineering, and held a number of high profile public service positions in the engineering profession. Dr. Kifah  Jayyousi was formerly the chief facilities officer on the Washington DC School Board, from 07/1999 until 04/2001.

Dr. Kifah  Jayyousi was also active in the USA Islamic community. He founded, in the mid 90s’ in Florida, the American Islamic Group and took over American Worldwide Relief Organization (An Islamic Charity) after the death of its former head Mohamed Zaky. Dr. Kifah  Jayyousi was a supporter of the blind Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman before the sheikh was arrested in 1995.  

Dr. Kifah  Jayyousi was involved, in the years 1994-1996, in charity activity, with Adnan Amin Hassoun and Holy-Land Foundation, in raising money for Bosnia and Chechnya, which USA authorities claimed was used to finance terror. In those years Dr. Kifah  Jayyousi published “The Islam Report,” a newsletter that, the FBI claims, promoted violent Jihad.


After The 9/11, although Dr. Kifah  Jayyousi maintained a home in Detroit, he had been working temporarily outside the country, mainly in Egypt, for a U.S company.    

Dr. Kifah  Jayyousi was arrested on 03/27/2005 for being associated, indirectly, to Jose Padilla, although Dr. Jayyousi has never met, known or spoken to Jose  Padilla before his arrest. He was put on trial, alongside Jose  Padilla and Adnan Amin Hassoun, on 11/22/2005. 

After investigation and a year in solitary confinement Dr. Kifah Jayyousi was released on bail in 05/2007. On 08/16/2007 Dr. Kifah  Jayyousi was convicted and on 01/22/2008 he was sentenced to 12.5 years in jail.

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The FBI suspected that Adnan Amin Hassoun, Jose Padilla, Adnan El Shukrijumah, Mohamed Hesham Youssef, Kifah  Jayyousi and Kassem Daher, a Canadian citizen, formed an Al Qaeda sleeping terror cell but although there were connections between the five activists they did not act like a cell but more as a recruiting system.



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