An Arabic TV channel has aired, on 02/26/2008 night, a video footage claiming to show Peter  Moore, one of five Briton hostages kidnapped in Iraq in 05/2007 by a Shiite militia.

The five hostages were seized when they were working in Baghdad’s Iraqi Finance Ministry by gunmen disguised as police officers. Except for Peter  Moore, who had been working for American management consultancy Bearingpoint, they have not been fully identified for security reasons.

“My name is Peter  Moore, I have been held here for nearly eight months now” the supposedly hostage said. He asks Mr Brown to free nine Iraqis in exchange for the release of the Britons seized in 05/2007. 

Security expert Sally Lievesley, a former UK Home Office adviser, said the man looked like he had been forced into giving the message.

In a previous tape, broadcasted in 12/2007, one of the four British bodyguards seized along with IT consultant Peter  Moore was flanked by gunmen and warned of an ultimatum.

** Eventually Peter Moor was released, unharmed, on Wednesday 12/20/2009, and handed over to the Iraqi authorities. The release was enabled as part of a reconciliation, amnesty and leniency program with all kinds of armed groups in Iraq, conducted by the Iraqi regime. The program included the Shiaa Leagues of Righteousness group (Asaib al-Haq in Arabic), suspected of links to the kidnap of five Britons, Peter More and four of his bodyguards (see – 97-09.27.09). The bodyguards were later assassinated by their hijackers (see -Jasons Hostages & Alec Maclachlan ).


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