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* Sheik Abdullah El-Faisal was born in 1964 in Jamaica as Trevor William Forest to a Salvation Army family of practicing Christians. In 1980 he converted to Islam and changed his name to Abdullah El-Faisal. He moved to Saudi Arabia where he is believed to have spent eight years and obtained a degree in Islamic Studies.Abdullah El-Faisal moved from Saudi Arabia, probably in 1989, to London, UK, and lived in Stratford. In 1992 Abdullah El-Faisal married a British biology graduate and is a father of four.

In Stratford Abdullah El-Faisal attended the Brixton Mosque, where Richard Reid is thought to have met Zacarias Moussaoui but he, personally, never met them since he left the Mosque in 1993.

In the mid 90s’ Abdullah El-Faisal set up his own study circles in Tower Hamlets, London. In 2000 he had been stopped by customs at Heathrow because lecture notes in Arabic were seized in his possession. Abdullah El-Faisal had been acquainted with James Ujaama, who was accused of setting up a terrorist training camp in America. James Ujaama was heard asking questions at two lectures. Abdullah El-Faisal also traveled to Nigeria to lecture there.

After The 9/11 and the increasing attention toward Islamic incitement, Abdullah El-Faisal was noticed because of his radical preaching. He was recorded promising young Muslim teenagers a place in paradise, where they would be given 72 virgins, if they will become martyrs. He called Muslim women to raise their children “with the Jihad mentality” by giving them toy guns.  He often called upon the inhalation of non believers, especially Hindus and Jews.

In a recorded speech Abdullah El-Faisal told youngsters: “People with British passports, if you fly into Israel, it is easy … Fly into Israel and do whatever you can. If you die, you are up in paradise….How do you fight a Jew? You kill a Jew, in the case of Hindus, by bombing their businesses”. In another lecture he said “Jews should be killed… as by Hitler”.

He was exposed after an effort was done by the Jewish community in UK to stop his preaching of hate and filing a complaint to the authorities. He was arrested and charged in 02/2002.

On 03/07/2003 Abdullah El-Faisal was sentenced to 9 years in Jail for inciting Muslims to kill Jews, Americans and Hindus. The sentence was reduced to seven years after an appeal. Abdullah El-Faisal was released from jail in the end of 2006. In 05/2007 he was deported back to Jamaica.

In mid 2007 Abdullah El-Faisal formed with Yusuf al-Khatab in New York, the ephemeral Revolution Muslim Group – RM.  In 11/2007, Abdullah El-Faisal, in an interview, described The 9/11 and London 7/7 as immoral and condemned suicide bombings. 

On Thursday 12/31/2009, Sheikh Abdullah El-Faisal was arrested in Mombasa, Kenya, by the Kenyan anti-terror police unite while he left a local Mosque. Police said Abdullah El-Faisal had violated the terms of his tourist visa by preaching in Mosques. It is believed he, actually, recruited young Kenyans to the cause of Global Jihad. The arrest is, probably, an outcome of the Northwestern Flight-253 failed attack on Christmas Eve. The Kenyan authorities said Abdullah El-Faisal had arrived in Kenya, on 12/24/2009, after travelling through Nigeria, Angola, Mozambique, Swaziland and Malawi and Tanzania.

His arrest in Nairobi provoked, on Sunday 01/17/2010, clashes with the police of hundreds of stone-throwing protesters, many of them raising flags of the Somali al-Shabab group, calling for Abdullah El-Faisal to be freed. According to the Kenyan police at least 5 people were killed in the disturbances. The riots took place around the Jamia Mosque in the centre of Kenya’s capital, Nairobi.

Reuters news agency reported that some people joined the security forces in attacking the protesters. Kenya police said they will deport Abdullah El-Faisal outside of Kenya in the coming days but did not mention any specific destination.

* Nowadays (03/2012) Abdullah El-Faisal is continuing his inciting preaches through the web from his homeland Jamaica.


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