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* Tarek  Dergoul was born in 12/1977 in London, UK. He is a British citizen, the son of a Moroccan baker and grew up in East London.  Tarek  Dergoul was once in trouble for stealing a computer chip, for which he was sentenced to community service. After leaving school at 15 he worked in a succession of jobs: selling double glazing, office cleaning, driving a minicab and as an attendant at an old people’s home in Suffolk. While living in East London, many of his friends were from Pakistani descent.

Shortly after The 9/11 Tarek  Dergoul traveled, with two Pakistani friends, to Afghanistan, through Pakistan, allegedly intending to invest in housing. Tarek  Dergoul explained later that the idea “was to buy some property away from where the bombing was. We thought we could buy it very cheap; then sell it at a profit after the war.”

While Tarek  Dergoul stayed in Jalalabad, Afghanistan, in 12/2001 the erea was bombed by American airstrikes. Tarek  Dergoul’s friends were killed in the bombardment and he was wounded by shrapnel. His left arm was amputated later.

Eventually, troops loyal to the Northern Alliance found him, treated him well and after 5 weeks handed him over to the USA army at the Bagram air base near Kabul. According to his testimony, before Tarek  Dergoul was transferred to Guantanamo in 02/2002, he was humiliated, by American Military police, sexually.

On 03/09/2004 Tarek  Dergoul, Jamal al-Harith and the Tipton Three were flown back to UK. They were arrested for preliminary investigation and finally released two days later, on 03/11/2004, without any charges.


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