* Jamal Udeen Al Harith was born as Ronald Fiddler in 11/20/1966 in Manchester, U.K to devout churchgoing Jamaican parents, and is a British citizen.

In 1992 Jamal Al Harith converted to Islam after reading Malcolm X’s autobiography. After converting to Islam, Jamal Al Harith went for four years learning Arabic and teaching English at Khartoum University in Sudan. He returned home in 1997, married and set up a computer business with his wife. They have 3 children. In 2001 the marriage of Jamal Al Harith broke down. The common computer business was shut down and he began to work as an administrator in a Muslim school in Manchester.

In late 09/2001, few days after The 9/11, Jamal Al Harith paid a truck driver to take him from Pakistan to Iran retracing a journey he made to Iran in 1993. The truck was stopped when he passed near the Afghan border, on the Pakistani side. Taliban guards, seeing his British passport, arrested him in Kandahar as a British spy. Eventually Jamal Al Harith was one of nine former Taliban prisoners who were snatched from Taliban prison by CIA agents to USA custody, designated as Enemy Combatants and sent to Guantanamo.

It is most likely that local resident in Kandahar pointed a finger on Jamal Al Harith as a stranger and framed him as a Taliban supporter in order to earn some bounty promised by CIA agents to every one ho will surrender a Taliban supporter.     

On 03/09/2004 Jamal Al Harith, Tarek Dergoul and the Tipton Three were flown back to UK. They were arrested for preliminary investigation and finally released two days later, on 03/11/2004, without any charges.

On 10/27/2004 Jamal Al Harith joined the Tipton Three in a lawsuit against the USA government. In the first action of its kind, each demanded £5.5m, alleging torture and other human rights violations. He was compensated with £1.25 milions.


** On Sunday 02/19/2017 Jamal Udeen Al Harith commited, in Behalf of the Islamic State a suicide attack in Northern Iraq, near Mosul when he detonated a track loaded with explosives near an Iraqi military camp .



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