On 10/18/2004 the Spanish police raided deferent locations all over Spain and arrested about 18 suspects of forming a terror group – The MARTYRS FOR MOROCCO. More arrests were carried out on 11/08/2004. Some of the suspects were acquitted or charged on other offences.

* Magid Mchmacha was born in 1969 in Casablanca, Morocco. He was arrested in Almeria. On 02/27/2008 Magid Mchmacha was sentenced to 9 years in jail.



* Mokhatar Siah, nick name Jelloul, was born in 1975 in Mascara, Algeria. He was previously arrested in Melilla in 03/1998 for immigration offences and violent robbery. Mokhatar Siah was rearrested as a MFM in Valencia. According to the Spanish prosecution he was one of four detainees from the MFM group who expressed his readiness to be the suicide driver. On 02/27/2008 Mokhatar Siah was sentenced to 9 years in jail.

* Mourat Yala –nick name – Abu Anas, was born in Harrach, Algeria, in 1960. Mourat Yala was arrested in the Dutch city of Geleen, in 04/2003, on suspicion of falsifying passports. Mourat Yala was a close associate of Abdol Ghaffar Hashemi (Ziani Mahdi) in Holland and both received money from the MFM ringleader Mohamed Achraf wired from Switzerland. According to the Dutch security service Abdol Ghaffar Hashemi and Mourat Yala developed technology for converting laptops into time bombs while in Holland. He was released in early 2004 and deported to Spain. Mourat Yala was arrested in Almeria. On 02/27/2008 he was sentenced to 9 years in jail.

* Smail Latrech was born in Harrach, Algeria, in 1975. He was arrested in Almeria. Smail Latrech was convicted for assisting terror suspects but not for being a terror gang member. On 02/27/2008 Smail Latrech was released from jail due to time served. 

* Mouad Douas was arrested in Madrid along with Magid Mchmacha. On 02/27/2008 Mouad Douas was sentenced to 9 years in jail.

* Redha Cherif was born in Algeria. He was arrested on 11/08/2004 along with the Algerian Djamel Seddiki in the extension of Operation  Nova. On 02/27/2008 Redha Cherif was sentenced for 9 years in jail.  Djamel Seddiki and two other Algerians: Salah Zelmat and Mohamed Arabe were sentenced to 7 years imprisonment.



– Fore more suspects see    Operation Nova page 1


 * Related arrests – 






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