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* Nazih Abdul-Hamed Nabih al-RuqaiiAnas al-Libi also known as Sheikh Al-Libi was born in Libya, on 03/30/1964. From the late 80s’ Anas Sheikh Al-Libi was a prominent member in the Islamic Fighting Group – LIFG , known in Libya as Al-Muqatila.

In 1995, Anas al-Liby managed to flee Libya, moved to Britain and applied for political asylum, claiming to be a political enemy of the Libyan government. He is wanted by the Egyptians for the attempted murder of Hosni Mubarak in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia’s capital in 06/1995.

According to British intelligence sources Anas Sheikh Al-Libi was involved in another plot in 1996, intrigued with the help of the British intelligence service MI6, to kill the Libyan President Muamar Gaddafi.  It is possibly the reason that Anas al-Liby was allowed to leave for Sudan in 09/1996 and to join there Al Qaeda and Osama Bin Laden before he moved to Afghanistan with all his staff.

The USA was convinced that Anas Sheikh Al-Libi had prior knowledge about the 08/07/1998 attack on USA embassies in Kenya and Tanzania, despite the fact that he was in UK at the time, and posted a $25 million reward for his capture after The 9/11.

Anas Sheikh Al-Libi returned to UK and lived in Manchester until 05/2000 when he eluded a police raid on his house and fled abroad. His asylum application was still under review at the time of the raid. An important Al Qaeda training manual was discovered in his house. Since then he managed to disappear and to evade arrest although there were rumors he was caught in late 2001 in Afghanistan during operation “Absolute Justice”.

In 09/2012, CNN reported that Anas Al-Libi returned to Libya after hiding in Iran for almost a decade (see – IRANS Interest ).

**Anas Sheikh Al-Libi was seized, eventually, in Libya’s capital Tripoli, on 10/05/2013, by an USA Commando. He was parking outside his house when three vehicles encircled him, his car’s window was smashed and his gun was seized before he was taken away, his brother Nabih was quoted as saying by AP. He added that Libi’s wife wife also saw the attack, describing the abductors as foreign-looking “commandos”. In an interview to Al-Jazeera T.V Network she said they returned to Libya after the fall of Muammar Gaddafi (see – LIbyan Civil- War).

Libi “is currently lawfully detained by the USA military in a secure location outside of Libya”, Pentagon spokesman George Little said.

Summary –

In the years 1995-2000 Anas Sheikh Al-Libi was under MI6 collaborators and informants list but it seems that he managed to double cross and to deceive the MI6 while being, at the same time, an senior Al Qaeda operative.  


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