* Ahmed Fathy Mehalba was born in 1973 as one of three children in Alexandria, Egypt. His father owned a cheese factory. His mother worked as a teacher.

Ahmed  Mehalba immigrated to USA in 1992. In 1993 he married and has one daughter. Although Ahmed  Mehalba later divorced his wife he was granted citizenship in 1999. In USA Ahmed  Mehalba bounced from job to job. Then in 2000, he joined the Army and entered a military intelligence program to become an interrogator.

Ahmed  Mehalba received a medical discharge from the Army in 05/2001 and was later hired by a San Diego defense contractor, Titan Corporation, to be an Arabic translator at Guantanamo.

Ahmed  Mehalba was arrested at Boston’s Logan International Airport, on 09/29/2003, when he arrived from Egypt, via Milan, Italy, after U.S. Immigration officials found him carrying CD-ROMs and paper documents that are allegedly related to the detainees at Guantanamo.

On 01/10/2005 Ahmed  Mehalba pleaded guilty to minor charges of lying to government agents and removing classified documents. On 02/18/2005 he was sentenced to 20 months in prison, with credit for 17 months tme already served. During his work in Guantanamo Ahmed  Mehalba got acquainted with James Yee. He was released in 03/2005, 2005. Today Ahmed  Mehalba is a free citizen in USA.


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