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On Saturday 03/19/2005 evening, at about 21:00, a suicide bomberrammed a car packed with explosives into the British Theater near a British school in Doha, Qatar’s capital. One man, a citizen of U.K, Jonathan Adams, was killed in the blast and 12 other were wounded, most of them Arabs and Asians.

The blast destroyed the one-storey building while inside people were watching Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night play.

The suicide bomber was identified as Omar Ahmad Abdullah Ali (Pic -DL), an Egyptian engineer who worked for ‘Qatar Petroleum’. He owned a car but for the attack Omar Ahmad Abdullah Ali used a hired car under his name.  The car was packed with improvised materials such as gas canisters and home made explosives. Evidence suggests the he operated on his own without any logistic or financial support.

An ephemeral organization, not yet known, Tanzim Jund al-Sham, affiliated to Abu Musab al Zarqawi in Iraq took, through the web, responsibility for the attack and claimed that the bombing was intended to punish Qatar for its alliance with Western Powers – primeraly USA.

Analysts claimed that the Doha theater attack was probably timed to coincide with the anniversary of the US-led attack on Iraq. The attack was carried out two days after the suspected leader of the Al Qaeda wing in Saudi Arabia, Saleh al-Oufi, urged militants in Qatar and other Gulf Arab states to wage Holy War against ”Crusaders” in the region.

* Omar Ahmad Abdullah Ali (pic-l) was born in 1966 in Egypt, where he graduated as a computer engineer. He moved to Qatar in 1990 after he received a job in information technology department of ‘Qatar Petroleum’. Omar Ahmad Abdullah Ali married in Qatar Umm Abdullah, a Qatari born from Palestinian descent, and was a father of three. His youngest son was born just a month before Omar Ahmad Abdullah Ali committed the Doha theater attack.

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