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* Hassan  Ghul, probably from Pakistani descent, was an Al Qaeda operative from the early 90s’. He was first mentioned in The 9/11 Commission report, where he was stated to be a currier between Al Qaeda senior operatives , such as  Mushabib Al Hamlan ,  Abu Zubaydah and Khalid Shaik Mohammed.

In 03/2000 Hassan  Ghul helped Mushabib Al Hamlan to cross the border to Afghanistan from Islamabad, Pakistan, under the supervision of Abu Zubydah.

On 01/22/2004 Hassan  Ghul was captured, by Kurdish police, on the border between Turkey and Iraqi Kurdistan. Hassan  Ghul was carrying a flash drive (Disk-on-key) and two CDs, one allegedly including a 17-page progress report believed to have been written by Abu Musab al Zarqawi in Iraq to Ayman Al Zawahiri in Afghanistan. The letter revealed that the hatred of Abu Musab al Zarqawi was not only to the USA but to the Shiites as well.

Although Hassan  Ghul was cooperative with the USA military interrogation, his questioning revealed little. Hassan  Ghul became one of 39 ghost detainees as prisoners of USA who have not been accounted for up to 07/2007.

Today (05/2008) it is not clear if Hassan  Ghul is still alive. If so, he is probably held in a secret CIA prison somewhere in the world. Hassan  Ghul was, probably, just a currier with no special importance other then the documents he carried with him.

**  According to Former and current USA intelligence officials, in 06/2011, Hassan  Ghul has rejoined Al Qaeda after the Bush administration released him from a CIA secret prison under pressure from Pakistan.

The CIA returned Al Qaeda operative Hassan  Ghul to his native Pakistan shortly after the U.S. decided to close its secret prisons in Eastern Europe in early 2006. Officials say Pakistan held Hassan  Ghul for at least a year before he eventually was released, making his way back to Al Qaeda.

** It is also possible that the CIA either recruited Hassan  Ghul as a informant directly or believed the Pakistanis will use him as an informant and share the information with USA otherwise there was no reason from the Pakistanis to ask for his release or from USA side let him go.   

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