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* Ihab  Yousri Yassin was born in Cairo, Egypt in 1985. He was a relative of both Ashraf Said Youssef, the ringleader of the Cairo-Network, Gamal Ahmed Abdel-Aal, and Mohamed Suleiman Youssef, 40, who died on 04/27/2005 , while in police custody.

Ihab  Yousri Yassin himself was briefly detained after the Khan el-Khalili bombing on 04/07/2005 and was released by the Egyptian police after short questioning. Ihab  Yousri Yassin was put under surveillance but, on 04/30/2005, he managed to elude the police and accomplish his plot. He jumped from the Six of October bridge into Abdel-Moneim Riyad Square (also known as Al-Tahrir square), near the Egyptian national museum in Cairo, during a pursuit, setting off the explosive he was carrying. Two Israelis, an Italian and a Swedish citizen were wounded in the blast.

On the remains of Ihab  Yousri Yassin’s body the police found papers which belonged to Hassan Raafat Bashandi, who committed a similar suicide attack in Khan el-Khalili on 04/07/2005, probably manuals how to produce explosive and assemble a bomb.  

Less than two hours later, at about 17:00, a tourist bus was fired on by two fully veiled women in Al- Sayida Aisha neighborhood off the Salah Salem highway near the Cairo Citadel. The attack caused no casulties other than to the perpetrators themselves, one of whom allegedly shot the other and then committed suicide herself. The two veiled women were the sister, Nagat Yousri Yassin and fiancée of Ihab  Yousri Yassin the bomber, Iman Ibrahim Khamis.  Abdullah Azzam’s Martyrs Brigade”, a previously unknown group, took responsibility on the double attack in Cairo committed on 04/30/2005.


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