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Basra is a Shiite town in the heartland of the Shiite region of South Iraq and there fore is not tangled in sectarian violence or in fighting Al Qaeda in Iraq.It is more then half a year that British forces abstains form patrolling Basra streets. In USA army diagrams Basra is, so called, one of the more calm regions in Iraq since there is no sectarian violence, no Al Qaeda and the full responsibility on the public order and security is, since 12/2007, in the hand of Iraqi police and army.

On Saturday 03/08/2008, a 5,000 people demonstration took place near Basra’s police headquarter in Basra. People were demonstrating against deteriorating security in a city since Iraq regime assumed responsibility. They demanded the resignations of Major General Abdul-Jalil Khalaf, the police chief and Lieutenant General Mohan al-Fireji, the commander of joint military-police operation.

Basra suffers not from Sunnites militia men or Al Qaeda but from an internal struggle between Shiite groups who are wrestling for control of Basra and, by the way killing each other, including children and women.  Dozens of women were slain in Basra in 2007 because of how they dressed – their mutilated bodies found with notes warning against “violating Islamic teachings.

The unrest in Basra raises the question about the ability of Iraq to function as a sovereign state under a non dictatorship regime. (See – IMPOSING DEMOCRACY )


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