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* Saad  Faqih was born in Saudi Arabia in 1975. He was a professor of surgery at King Saud University in Riyadh, the kingdom’s capital. While he was still in Saudi Arabia Saad  Faqih, with a Saudi in exile Mohammed al-Masaari, founded in London in 1993 the“Committee for the Defense of the Legitimate Rights in the Kingdom” (CDLR), which advocates overthrowing the monarchy in Saudi Arabia. Following his oppositional activity Saad  Faqih was arrested in 03/1994 in Saudi Arabia. When he was released, few months later,Saad  Faqih moved to London, U.K.

Saad  Faqih left CDLR to form the Movement for Islamic Reform in Arabia (MIRA) in 1996. MIRA is centered in London and is widely recognized as the only serious opposition to the House of Saud. MIRA also operated the Islah (“Reform”) Radio which broadcasts to Saudi Arabia.

Saad  Faqih was acquainted and connected with the Bin laden family and shared with Osama Bin Laden the resentment to the Saudi Regime. He bought with his own credit card a satellite phone that was used personally by Osama Bin laden prior to the 08/07/1998 attack in Kenya and Tanzania. That satellite phone served as target and direction marker for USA Tomahawk retaliation missiles attack on Al Qaeda bases in Afghanistan few days after the 08/07/1998 attack.

In 2003 Saad  Faqih was involved in a Libyan plot to assassinate the Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah, directed by the Libyan President Muammar Gaddafi, and involved Abdurahman al-Amoudi.  The Saudis seized the opportunity and accused Saad  Faqih of taking $1.2 million from an operative of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi. The Saudis pressed British authorities to detain Saad  Faqih on suspicion of terrorism and shut down his Islah Radio broadcasts to the Kingdom.

A protege of Saad  Faqih – Mustafa Abdulqader Alansari, 32, led on 05/01/2004 the YANBU ATTACK which implicated Saad  Faqih as a possible terror facilitator.


 The assets of Saad  Faqih in USA were frozen on 12/21/2004 and on 12/26/2004 UK and France announced also they join USA in freezing his assets.  Saad  Faqih was suspected to be an undercover Al Qaeda representative in Europe who shared office with Khaled al-Fawaz, an Al Qaeda senior operative, during most of the 90s’ in London.

Today (06/2008) Saad  Faqih is still operating from London. He is considered as an expert in Al Qaeda and often interviewed by world wide media about issues related to Al Qaeda. It does not seem that he is somehow economically limited despite his assets being frozen in UK. It is most likely that the common ground of his entire activity is motivated by his deep resentment to the Saudi Regime rather then the ideology of Al Qaeda.

* Despite USA objection the UN Security Council committee monitoring sanctions against Al Qaeda has removed, on Monday 07/02/2012, Saad  Faqih from its blacklist.


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