* Fawaz Yahya Al-Rabeei was born in 1979 in Saudi Arabia but was a Yemeni citizen.

During operation Absolute Justice in Afghanistan Fawaz Al-Rabeei, using the nickname Furqan al-Tajiki“, headed a group of 12 Saudis and Yemenis within Al Qaeda who committed themselves and were planning attacks on USA targets around the world.  Following the interrogations of other Al Qaeda suspects, who were caught in Afghanistan, Fawaz Al-Rabeei was declared, on 02/12/2002, a terrorist and put on the “Most Wanted Terrorists Seeking Information” list (see – Atefs Footages ).

Fawaz Al-Rabeei commanded directly the Limburg Attack from the town of Aden on 10/06/2002. He was arrested in late 2003 along with Hizam Ali Mujali. Fawaz Al-Rabeei was indicted for the detonation of explosives at a civil aviation authority building in 04/2002, Limburg attack, a plot to kill USA ambassador in Yemen and an attempt to shoot down a helicopter with Western workers of the Hunt Oil Co, an oil company operating in Yemen, in 11/2002. 

On 08/25/2004 Fawaz Al-Rabeei was sentenced for his role in the Limburg attack to death and $100,000 fine for the damage done to the civil aviation authority building. Fawaz Al-Rabeei was also convicted for an attempt to shoot down the helicopter. His brother Abu Bakr Al-Rabeei and three other defendants were sentenced for 10 years in jail.

Fawaz Al-Rabeei managed to flee Yemeni jail on 02/03/2006 along with 21 other top Islamic militants in Yemen ( Sanaa Escape ).  Fawaz Al-Rabeei was killed, along with another fugitive – Mohammed al-Dailami, by the Yemen police in a shootout in Sanaa on 10/01/2006.

Fawaz Al-Rabeei was not believed to have been involved in the attack against the USS Cole in Yemen in 2000.


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