* Abdel Rauf Abdullah Mohammed Nassib is a former Yemeni intelligence officer, fought in Afghanistan. He was detained, tried and acquitted in the case of the bombing of the USS Cole, in 10/2000.

According to Yemeni security officials Abdul  Raouf Nassib planned the breakout of 10 militants who escaped from an Aden prison in 04/2003. The militants had been detained in connection with the suicide attack on the destroyer USS Cole.

Abdul  Raouf Nassib was in the same car with Kamal Derwish, Abu Ali al-Harthi, Muhammad Hamdi al-Ahdal and three other activists, who were killed on 11/03/2002, by a missile from an American UAVUnmanned Aerial Vehicle, on a road 160 km East of the Yemeni capital Sanaa, in Marib province. He was the only one in the car that survived the attack. Security officials said Abdul  Raouf Nassib was wounded in the attack and then sheltered by tribal sympathizers. All the activists were accomplices to the Limburg attack about a month earlier. 

In the begining of 2004 Abdel Rauf  Nassib was considered by the Yemeni intelligence as the third in the hierarchy of Al Qaeda in Yemen.

Abdul  Raouf Nassib was captured on 03/03/2004 with more then a dozen militants in Abyan-Operation, 450 km South of the capital Sanaa. Among the captured activists was also the Egyptian militant Sayed Imam el-Sharif, who is said to be an influential member of Al Qaida as well as a former leader of Egypt’s Islamic Jihad. Sayed Imam el-Sharif is wanted for his alleged connection with terrorist attacks carried out by his organization.

Few days after the Sanaa Escape, on 02/21/2007, Abdel Rauf Nassib was among 11 activists released from Yemen jail.

Abdul  Raouf Nassib returned to operate in the ranks of Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula – AQAP and managed to escape unharmed a gun fight with Yemeni security forces in the city of Loder, Abyan province, on Friday 08/20/2010 (see – Abyan 08.20.10).


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