– Saiful  Anam, nick name Mujadid was born in 1971 and lived in Temanggung, Central Java, Indonesia.

Saiful Anam – Mujadid was sworn in as a member of the INDONESIAN JI while he was still a student at the Al-Husein Islamic Boarding School, Jatibarang in West Java, in 2000. According to the police, the person who took his oath of allegiance was Ulul Albab, a substitute teacher from Al-Mukmin Islamic Boarding School, Ngruki. After graduating from the Al-Husein school, which closed in 2004, Saiful Anam – Mujadid got involved in the bloody conflict in Maluku and Poso between Christians and Muslims for the last six years.

The Indonesian police believed that Saiful Anam – Mujadid was the ringleader of the cell that committed the Tentena Bombings on 05/28/2005 and he himself detonated one of the bombs. 

A day after four INDONESIAN JI cell members: Sarwo Edi Nugroho, 40, Sikas, 37, Amir Ahmadi, 32, and Mahfud Qomari alias Sutardjo, 33, were arrested on 03/20/2007 in a police raid in Yogyakarta, in South-Central Java, in connection with the Tentena bombing, Saiful Anam – Mujadid was also arrested in Temanggung. He was shot in the leg during the arrest when he tried to escapeOn 12/04/2007 Saiful Anam – Mujadid was sentenced to 18 years imprisonment for his role in the Tentena bombings. Another accomplice in the attack – Amril Ngiode was sentenced to 15 years for making the bomb used in the Tentena market attack as well as for possession of illegal weapons and assault.


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