* Agus  Suryanto was born in 1968 in Indonesia. He was a student of Dr Azahari Husin, the INDONESIAN JI bomb-making expert and an Abu Dujana protégé. Agus  Suryanto was suspected by the Indonesian police of assembling the two bombs that exploded in the Tentena Bombings on 05/28/2005.

According to Indonesian intelligence sources Agus  Suryanto was trained as a bomb expert by Dr Azahari Husin in late 2004. His whereabouts prior to 2004 and how or when he joined the INDONESIAN JI are not perfectly clear.

On 03/20/2007 police followed two men on a motorcycle – Agus  Suryanto, and Sarwo Edi Nugroho, 40, from Agus’s house in Muntilan, Central Java to a small store in Sleman, Yogyakarta where three others – Sikas, 37, Amir Ahmadi, 32, and Mahfud Qomari alias Sutardjo, 33, were waiting. The Indonesian police raided the place. Agus  Suryanto, was shot and killed in the raid when he tried to flee the scene.  The other four INDONESIAN JI cell members were arrested by the police in connection with the Tentena bombing.

The box that Agus  Suryanto, and Sarwo Edi Nugroho were carrying turned out to contain two M-16 rifles, a revolver, a pistol and about 100 rounds of ammunition.


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