* Omar Al-Farouq was born on 05/24/1971 in Iraq but grew up in neighbor Kuwait where he was known as a drifter. He is believed to have joined Al Qaeda in the early 1990s and trained in Afghanistan. Omar Al-Farouq became one of Osama Bin Laden’s top lieutenants.

In 2000 Omar Al-Farouq married an Indonesian wife and moved to live in Indonesia. He became also a connector between Al Qaeda and the INDONESIAN JI in South-East Asia. His wife claimed that Omar Al-Farouq read and taught the Koran and stayed close to home.  

Omar Al-Farouq was an accomplice with Faiz Bafana and Fathur Rohman Ghozi in a plot, in late 2001, to attack USA embassy and other American interests in Singapore, such as American warships in Singapore harbor, similar to the USS Cole attack in Yemen.

Omar Al-Farouq was arrested in Indonesia,on 06/05/2002., in a village near Jakarta and handed to USA pending Extraordinary Rendition program. Like other senior Al Qaeda suspects, Omar Al-Farouq was transferred to the CIA secret jail in Bagram air base, just North of Kabul, Afghanistan.

On 07/11/2005, Omar Al-Farouq escaped the Bagram secret detention center, with other senior Islamic activists, in an audacious operation – Bagram Escape. He appeared in Video in a 02/2006 on Islmaic Jihadi websites in order to sneer the Americans and to promise to fight on.

On 09/26/2006 an intelligence tip-off led UK forces to Omar Al-Farouq’s hideout in Basra’s al-Tuninnah neighborhood in South Iraq. After a short shootout Omar Al-Farouq was killed by the British troops.

Omar Al-Farouq is thought to have been previously staying in Zubair, a Sunni enclave near Basra and may have only been in Iraq for a few weeks before being shot.


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