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British Special Forces operating on the border between Afghanistan and Iran have uncovered fresh evidence that Tehran is actively backing insurgents fighting U.K troops.

Documented proof that Iran is supplying the Taliban with devastating roadside bomb-making equipment has been passed by British officials to Tehran, prompting fears that the war in Afghanistan may escalate into a regional armed conflict.

Days after the UK PM Gordon Brown warned the Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad that Britain would freeze the assets of Iran’s largest bank to discourage Tehran from developing nuclear weapons, Whitehall sources revealed that they had forwarded ‘documentation’ that proves the Iranian authorities were supplying enemy forces in Afghanistan.

NATO-ISAF spokesman James Appathurai echoed, on 06/21/2008, concerns that elements in Iran are providing support to insurgents fighting British troops. He said: ‘Weapons of Iranian origin has turned up in Afghanistan in significant numbers.’

In fact British troops have uncovered only a tinny portion of a huge network operating in Central Asia, East Africa and mainly in the Middle East. The network is centered In Teheran, Iran’s capital, and run by the Al-Quds force, within the Iranian Revolutionary Guard. Al-Quds force is in charge of coordinating all the efforts related to the export of the Islamic Revolution from Iran, the political and financial efforts as well as the arming and training of potential agents to spread the Islamic Revolution.

Iranian trained explosive experts along with Iranian made weaponry are responsible directly to the killing of a large number of USA led coalition troops in Iraq and of Israeli troops in Lebanon and Gaza Strip. Many thousand civilians in Iraq, Lebanon, Israel and within the Palestinian Authority became victims of guerilla warfare expertise and knowledge handed over by Iranian trainers and agents. Few militias in the Middle East such as the ‘Mahdi Army’ and the ‘Bader Corp’ in Iraq, the Hizbullah in Lebanon and the ‘Tanphizya’ – the Hamas operational force in Gaza are fully equipped and trained by the Iranian network and all challenge the international recognized authority and sovereignty of their own state and society, all devoted to undermine USA and Western influence in the Middle East and all committed to the destruction of Israel.  

Iranian Weapon is used also by The Shiite anti-government militia in Yemen the “Al-Shabab al-Muamin” – The Believing Youth (See –  Saada Rebels ) and Iran is the main source of weapon to Sudan in East Africa which is used in the ongoing civil war there in the Christian South and in Darfur.

Indeed Iran is today, even before having nuclear military technology, a threat to regional stability and to many regimes. Iran is undermining, systematically, any political solution if it is initiated by the USA or any other Western power and is preaching and advocating, frequently and openly the inhalation of Israel.

Only joined determined and consistent effort to contain Iran’s threat along with a combined intelligence effort to tear the Iranian network apart can prevent, in the short run, the flood of arms to the most dangerous militias in the Middle East, and in the long run to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapon which is the nightmare not only of Israel but many Arab regimes as well.   


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