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It is almost six and a half years since Afghanistan was taken over from the Taliban and a new, supposedly Democratic regime, was formed supported by the richest and strongest economy of the world. Despite all the efforts the situation in Afghanistan is worse and deteriorating to a political, military, economical and social crisis.

The Taliban, supported to some extent by the notorious Pakistani intelligence ISI, the original godfather of the Taliban, is controlling larger areas in Afghanistan then the officially recognized regime. The newly elected Pakistani regime, led by PM Yusuf Raza Gillani, which was sworn in at 03/2008, adopted a reconciliation program with the insurgence pro-Taliban Pashtu tribes in North-West Pakistan (See – SWAT-DEAL). The initiative produced little results in promoting peace and stability in Pakistan but increased dramatically the maneuverability and the freedom of action of the Taliban in Afghan territories. 

Pakistani Intelligence ISI, a coherent part of the military establishment in Pakistan, always acted as a state within a state, especially under democratic civilian regimes. Civilian government in Pakistan always had difficulties to restrain ISI and control its operations. There is growing concern that this is the case also under the democratic regime of PM Yusuf Raza Gillani. ISI is suspected of handling the INDIAN Embassy Bombing from 07/07/2008 in Kabul, Afghanistan capital. The latest bomb attacks in India: the Bangalore Bombs, Ahmedabad Bombings and Surat failure were, almost certainly, committed by people affiliated to the conglomerate of Islamic terror organizations based in Pakistani Kashmir and sponsored by ISI. More then once terror attacks, committed by ISI, in India, brought the two countries to the verge of nuclear war and at least disrupted the prospect of peace between India and Pakistan.        

ISI, is one of the state intelligence apparatus, aside the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, which actively export terror to neighbor countries. In Iran it is implemented in full coordination with Iranian foreign policy. In Pakistan ISI operates regardless to the official policy.

It is time to shift the focus of the War on Terror to Pakistan which holds the key to the situation in Afghanistan. Pakistan should come under international pressure to dismantle its notorious intelligence apparatus – ISI, which is operating as a state within a state as part of the military establishment, and to rebuild it intelligence under full civilian and parliamentary control, under a civilian director otherwise it is almost impossible to achieve progress in Afghanistan. 


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