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On Saturday 03/15/2008 a bomb exploded in the Luna Caprese Italian restaurant in the centre of the Pakistani capital. Islamabad. A Turkish woman was killed and 10 more wounded. Most of the wounded were Americans among them 2 diplomats.

It is the first attack that has apparently targeted foreigners in Islamabad since 2002. At first it seems that the aim of the bomb, posted outside the restaurant, was foreigners in general but, the next day, USA Authorities published that 5 of the wounded were FBI agents which place the attack in another context – the context of intelligence and secret war.

There is, therefore, a reason to believe that the FBI deeds in Pakistan were exposed. Since Pakistan is a sovereign Country and, no doubt, the FBI operated in some cooperation with the local authorities, it is reasonable to believe that the leak is from within the PAKISTANI apparatus and the notorious ISI, PAKISTANI intelligence, with severe consequences to further intelligence cooperation between the two countries – USA and Pakistan.

* On Thursday 01/27/2009, Pakistani police arrested the Rawalpindi-cell that committed the bombing.


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