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* Murat  Kurnaz was born on 03/19/1982 in Bremen, Germany. He is a Turkish citizen and a legal resident in Germany. Murat  Kurnaz was arrested in late 2001, during operation Absolute Justice, in Pakistan and handed over to USA forces in Afghanistan in Extraordinary Rendition.

Murat  Kurnaz was interrogated for few months in Kandahar prison by USA agents before he was transferred, in mid 2002, to Guantanamo. In Guantanamo, in 09/2002, Murat  Kurnaz was questioned also by German intelligence agents.  When USA began to review the status of all the detainees of Guantanamo in late 2004, and with the assistance of German lawyers, American army failed to provide evidence that Murat  Kurnaz was, indeed, related to Al Qaeda.

According to a story released by United press International in 12/22/2005, a brief stay of Murat  Kurnaz at a Tablighi Jamaat (A Radical Islamic group operating in Pakistan and among Pakistanis in UK ) hostel led to the decision to arrest him.

Murat  Kurnaz was released and sent back to Germany on 08/24/2008. On 05/20/2008 Murat  Kurnaz became the first former Guantanamo detainee to testify before the U.S. Congress, which he did from Germany via video link. He was also interviewed by CBS in the prestigious 60 minutes program in which he claimed he traveled to Pakistan for Islamic studies and insisted of being tortured in Guantanamo.

** Note – In order to please the Americans, on one hand, and to conceal the deep relations between the Pakistani Intelligence –ISI with the Taliban and Al Qaeda on the other hand, ISI arrested, during the post 9/11 period, a large number of law rank supporters and sympathizers of those two organizations to demonstrate their firm commitment to fight terror while, at the same time, they provided shelter to the real “big fish”. It is most likely that Murat  Kurnaz was one of those low rank sympathizers arrested just to please USA. 


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