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* NwFP North-West Frontier Provinces stretch on 74,500 square km from the FATA regions up to Pakistani administrated Kashmir – known as Azad-Kashmir and includes 23 districts with Swat District in the center.  NwFP has a population (09/2008) of over 20,000,000 most of them Pashtu. The terrain is mountainous and very steep and the weather during the winter extremely harsh but the basic infrastructure is much better then in neighbor FATA area.  NwFP  is the northern side of the Pashtu Tribes belt of about 400,000 km which stretches from North West Pakistan to South East Afghanistan.

NWFP  is the buffer region between Afghanistan in the West to Kashmir in the East and was used by the Pakistani notorious intelligence – ISI, especially after the first war against the Soviet Union, which ended in Afghanistan in 1989, to shift and train Pashtu Mujahidin (Holy Warriors) from Afghanistan to Kashmir. Pashtu, the language used by over 90% of the population, is not recognized by the Pakistani regime as an official language which draws a line between the regime and locals.

Today (09/2008) NwFP  is the hinterland of FATA and the main source of men power for the insurgency in Afghanistan as well as in Pakistan. While the central and Southern districts are controlled, to some degree, by the Pakistani Central regime – the remote and marginal North-Western districts are almost fully controlled by local warlords and Taliban sympathizers and fully cooperate with the FATA and Tehrik-e-Taleban (the Taliban’s Way) in Pakistan.   


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