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Imad  Mughniyah was one ofthe most wanted terrorist in the world. He was wanted by USA already from the hijacking of TWA flight 847, which began in 06/14/1985. USA has offered a $5 million bounty on Imad Mugniyah. He was wanted by Israel as masterminding endless bloody terror attacks against Jews and ISRAELI institutions such as the 03/17/1992 and the 07/18/1994 bombings in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Imad Mughniyahwas, therefore, wanted also by Argentina.

Saudi Arabia suspects that Imad Mugniyah was the chief coordinator of the Khobar Towers attack on 06/25/1996.

Imad Mughniyah was, in the last two decades, the chief operational coordinator between Hizbullah in Lebanon and the Iranian Revolutionary Guard. He did not leave, for his own safety, the sovereignty of Syria, Iran or Lebanon, only in areas where Hizbullah is in absolute control.  


On 02/12/2008 night, after he left a ceremony in the IRANIAN embassy marking 29 years to the Islamic Revolution in Iran, Imad  Mughniyah was killed by a powerful bomb near Kafar Soussa square not far from the Iranian embassy in the North-East part of Damascus.  The bomb was planted under the seat in the car Imad Mughniyah used.


 In the last weeks Damascus issued several warnings to its senior officials in Lebanon and Syria about intensive activity of the ISRAELI Mossad in Syria. A senior intelligence officer in the SYRIAN army, Gen’ Labid Salame, in charge of the safety of the top secret communication system in Syria was put under a home arrest as suspect of neglecting his duty. Gen’ Hassan Turkemany, the SYRIAN Army chief of staff, told his senior officers just a week ago – “The Mossad has been able to penetrate the officer elite with gifts of satellite telephones linked to Israeli spy satellites”.

Although there is no proof that Imad Mughniyah was killed by the ISRAELI Mossad it seems that Israel, possibly with the help of other intelligence agencies, finally, closed the Imad  Mughniyah case, this time for good.  (See – MUGHNIYAH AFTERMATH )

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