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On 05/21/2003, Israeli naval commandos intercepted and took over a small fishing boat with a team of seven, the Abu Hassan, West of Haifa in Northern Israel, sailing from Lebanon to Egypt. The boat was not carrying drugs, weapons, explosives or any other goods. The boat was carrying a Hizbullah explosives expert, Hamad Muslam Moussa Abu Amra, bound for Gaza, over 80 CD, about 25 special models of detonators to be used for special training and a radio-activation system for remote-control bombs. In other words the Abu Hassan was carrying only one unique sort of cargo – knowledge!

The main cargo was dozens of CD disks with instructions on how to assemble bomb belts for suicide bombers, a radio-activation system for remote-control bombs and similar manuals.

Although the CD contents could be sent through the web, Hizbullah and its counterparts in the Palestinian side – Adel Mughrabi and Fathi Rassem, both from the PLO security establishment, were concerned of the capability of the Israeli intelligence to monitor the web and to expose the technology and methods of Hizbullah explosive expert and preferred to deliver the knowledge and know-how through a personal currier.

The Abu Hassan operation is one of the unique examples in the war on terror of a special effort to smuggle knowledge rather the general goods of ammunition or weapons. It also uncovered the degree of cooperation and coordination between the PLO and the Palestinian official administration on one side and Iran, the Iranian Revolutionary guard and Hizbullah on the other side.  


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