On 02/09/2006 USA President George Bush claimed that America managed to foil a plot, similar to The 9/11, to crush an aircraft into the Library Tower, the highest tower on the Western Coast of USA located in Los Angeles, also known as the US Bank Tower.

The Library Tower were mentioned, among other targets in USA, by INDONESIAN JI members Zaini Zakaria, Faiz Bafana, their local leader Hambali and Khalid Shaik Mohammed in 2000 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia’s Capital and in Singapore. The idea was, eventually, abandoned in spring 2001 under a direct instruction of no 3’ in Al Qaeda, Khalid Shaik Mohammed, probably because Zaini Zakaria, the only trained pilot of the group, dropped out of the plot.

The idea to crush a commercial airliner into a high profile target in the Western coast of the USA was revealed only after Zaini Zakaria turned himself in to the Malaysian authorities in 12/2002.

Summary – 

The so called Library Tower plot was never a real plot in terms of preparations, operational plan and time table. It was probably an preliminary step in developing the concept of The 9/11 by Khalid Shaik Mohammed from the initial Bojinka Plot idea, which failed in early 1995.  They also spoke about breaching into the cockpit using shoe bombs to blow and open the door. The basic idea was later implemented, unsuccessfully, by Richard Reid, on 12/22/2001, in American Airlines flight 63 from Paris, France, to Miami airport, USA. A similar bomb was found in Sajid Badat’s home, in UK, on 11/27/2003.

It is reasonable that Khalid Shaik Mohammed came to the conclusion that Zaini Zakaria and Faiz Bafana were not determined and reliable enough to go through all the obstacles and complications to carry out such a plot and were not capable, mentally, to commit suicide attack. Both Zaini Zakaria and Faiz Bafana, also, did not detest USA to such a degree as Arab Jihadists from the Middle East felt toward USA.

The so called Library Tower plot, despite that there was no such concrete plot, was used by President Bush to promote and justify new anti-terror highly controversial tapping measures of phones in USA without court order warrants (see the case of Majid Khan).


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