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The KOnsojaya Trading Company, based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia’s capital, was a shell company cofounded by the INDONESIAN JI senior leader Riduan Isamuddin, better known as “Hambali”, and his Malaysian wife, Noralwizah lee Abdullah on 06/1994 who held 50% of the shares. The cofounders of KOnsojaya,the Afghans Wali Khan Amin Shah and Medhat Abdul Salam Shabana held the other 50% of the company’s shares. In the aftermath of The 9/11 Medhat Abdul Salam Shabana disapeared andas of 01/2002, his deeds and whereabouts are still unknown (10/2008) 

Other members of the board were the 30-year old Saudi Hemeid H. al-Ghamdi and the Yemeni Amin Mohamed al-Sanaani (from Sanaa) was the General Manager of KOnsojaya. The company profile that was circulated to suppliers and customers stated that Amin Mohamed was the former marketing director of a Pakistani-based supplying agent for a company in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

KOnsojaya stated in its incorporation papers that it was an “import/export” company that shipped palm oil to Afghanistan from Malaysia. KOnsojaya’s “principal objective” was to import and export products found in the Pacific Asia, Central Asia, Saudi Arabia, the Gulf Emirates and Sudan.

In the 90s’ Khalid Shaik Mohammed, one of the Bojinka Plot conspirators and later the mastermind of The 9/11, who was staying in Manila, the Philippines, often travelled to several places, including Brazill, to promote KOnsojaya which was a front organization for his international activity.

KOnsojaya actually funneled money and material assistance to several regional militant Islamic plots. The organization also funneled money to an account owned by Omar Abu Omar – a cover name for Abu Qatada, at that time an employee of the “International Relations and Information Center” run by Mohammed Jamal Khalifa.

The money would then be siphoned into an account under the name of “Adam Salih”, an alias of Ramzi Yousef, who was at the time planning the Bojinka Plot.

According to corporate records in Kuala Lumpur, KOnsojaya no longer exists (10/2008). Most of its senior employees were arrested or killed in the War on Terror conducted by USA after The 9/11.

* Giving the identity and activity of KOnsojaya there is no doubt that KOnsojaya was a legal front organization to enable the financing and funding much of the Islamic terror network buildup and activity all over the world in the late 90s’.


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