On Wednesday, 10/08/2008, the Israeli daily “Yedioth Ahronoth” (The Last News) published a report from its senior reporter for Middle East and Arab World affairs, Smadar Perry, that Jordan arrested last week two Bahraini who were civilian flying cadets in Jordan. Jordanian security service believes that they were coordinated by Iran.  Bahraini Minister for foreign affairs Dr. Nezar al- Baharna confirmed, on Tuesday 10/07/2008, the arrests but insinuated that the two suspects were innocent and acted because of natural curiosity.

Smadar Perry is a very reliable reporter with reputation of credibility over three decades and with very reliable sources in the Arab world.

According to the report the two Bahraini flying cadets were often traveling along the Border with Israel, especially between the Jordanian city of Aqaba and the Israeli city of Eilat, on the Northern edge of Aqaba Gulf. When they interrogate local inhabitants about security arrangements on the border the Jordanian security service was tipped off. A relative of one of the flying cadets, who often joined them in their tours, was summoned for questioning to the local police station but instead of reporting he disappeared, which increases the suspicions.  Jordanian police also found out that one of the suspects purchased a motorcycle to be use in their frequent tours in the region.

The Jordanian Intelligence is now investigating who is paying for their flying lessons, why the chose Aqaba specifically and, with cooperation with Bahrain authorities, what is their social and political background. The Jordanian Authorities fear that they were sent by Iran and planned to crash their airplanes into Israeli targets in Eilat.  

The arrests came amid Hizbullah Chief Hassan Nasrallah’s promises that the retaliation is coming soon for Mughniyah’s Death in Syria, on 02/12/2008 night. The Lebanese daily Al-Akhbar, which is close to Hizbullah, said, on Wednesday 10/08/2008, that Nasrallah, at a recent meeting vowed retaliation for Imad Mughniyah.

“No backing off from the decision to avenge the assassination of Hajj Mughniyeh… and no backing off from carrying out the ‘big surprise’ against the enemy,” Nasrallah warned.  

In yet another development a 27-year-old Bahraini Traffic Directorate employee appeared in court, on Wednesday 10/08/2008, accused of joining training for combat in Lebanon and helping finance the terror organization. The defendant was arrested as he arrived at Bahrain International Airport from Iran (see – BAHRAIN 10.08.08 ).

Summary – 

Hizbullah, with the backup and support of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, is still plotting mega revenge against Israel for Mughniah’s Death.

Bahrain is relatively moderate Sunni and liberal Emirate with good relations with almost all the Arab world but, at the same time, has a majority of Iranian origin Shiites who emigrated from Iran in the last decades and with very close ties to Iran. Bahrain is therefore an Ideal base of operation against Israel in the Arab world.


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*The Israeli newspaper in hebrew  “Yedioth Ahronoth”, 10/08/2008, page 11, suspicion: pilots from Bahrain planned attack in Israel – by Smadar Perry.



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